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Breathe success.

24 Apr

Most likely you have seen this floating about the interwebs, but I couldn’t pass up putting it on my blog.

Success: How bad do you want it?

An excerpt from the top comment describes what I felt when I watched it: “When you understand the hunger, you can’t get through this without crying. And if that’s just me, I’m fine with that. But if you watch this and don’t feel something powerful inside, if you don’t feel the God-given potential you were born with rising in the back of your throat, then you’re already in the middle of what you’ll be doing for the rest of your life.”

That God-given potential rising in the back of your throat. Wow. That’s what it is. Even as I think about it, the sensation returns.

I immediately applied this to my singing. It is my #1. So what am I doing every single day to improve that? What am I doing every single day to get myself closer to achieving a career in music? What am I doing every single day to live in my destiny?

Then, of course, fitness is a very close second. I was reflecting on this earlier today- I may think I know what I am doing… but obviously what I know and my actions are not producing the changes I want to see. I have been thinking for a while about having a trainer/nutritionist, but the excuse of it being fiscally possible was always my excuse. It shouldn’t be. If I want something bad enough, I will make it happen no matter what. As long as I can find an unbiased third party to take a look at what I am doing, and what I want to achieve, and who is very honest I think it would be extremely helpful. Jury is still out.

I was struck when I went to watch the video of the whole speech (Full speech here) and he mentioned cell phones. o.o I have gotten in the habit of using my cell phone in bed, looking at Facebook, YouTube, email, and I am loosing sleep for what? If I am loosing sleep it should be contributing to my success! New Goal for the board: no cell phone in bed. Oo. Sacrifice.

I have to say, this is the kick in the butt I needed. Stop whining, stop wondering. “You’ll never plow a field by turning it over in your mind.” (Irish proverb)

All this being said, I do have a tendency to go really hard after something, and burn out at about 2 months. So I know I need balance. This is just a nice little fire ^.~

PS- Dress rehearsal was grand! A little too grand…I was getting quite nervous by it going so well until a screwed up, and I felt better.  But alas, it was not enough. I has many more flubs on opening night, but overall it went quite well. I sang great, which was awesome! Also, we had more audience than anticipated, which was a pleasant surprise! I don’t have my hopes high for tonight, though :/ Ah, well. I shall have fun! Honestly, it is such a fun show, and I love hanging out with everyone, and my on-stage twin ^^ I should have pictures for you next post!

Where do you find motivation? Are you good at long distance goals or better at shorter ones? Have you had to enlist outside help?


You are you today

2 Mar

Yesterday, these were given to us (to share) at work.

Yes, I had one. But I kept myself from having another! 🙂 They were pretty great. (And expensive! This little box was $25!)

I came home and made nut butter protein cookies!

Note to self: flatten them more! That is some of that chocolate soy butter I discovered. (A rather generous heap on that cookie! Conan O’Brian-style.)

My snacks and lunch were not that satisfying. They were thrown together last minute. Not to mention I am craving chocolate like a mad person!! (Hormonal) So I had several cookies for dinner, then went downtown for a rehearsal of one of the 3 shows I am in. I wanted to take pictures for you, but I was always on stage! I got home and totally crashed.

This morning, start your day with a cuppa!!


MM, loves a good Earl Grey. And cottage cheese with a crumbled protein cookie. Also, I realized I have another rehearsal an hour later than I though. Sweet.

Seeing so many posts and promotions for Arnold Week in the interwebs makes me really wish I was there. I would love to be around people who love lifting as much (and more) than I do, going to all the booths, learning about products, meeting inspirational people… but then I realized that in a split second I told myself I wouldn’t have fun because all these people would be so fit and beautiful, and I would stick out for being over 20% body fat. How terrible is that?? That little voice said “you would always be comparing yourself, be be left feeling terrible.” Shoo to that! All bodies are different, and that convention is to celebrate our common interest, and encourage one another.


I think this is a VERY good outlook to have. Your point of reference is YOU. Each day is another opportunity to make yourself better.

Ok. rehearsal all day, and I WILL convince myself to go to the gym for my huffin’ and puffin’ leg workout!!