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Look you in the eye and tell it like it is.

28 Feb

I had to do some serious verbal affirmation today 🙂 I had a one on one in the mirror in my workplace, and shaped up quick. Hey, I mean business. Can’t look down, gotta look forward.

Worked my arms yesterday, and felt good. I tweaked the angle of my incline DB curls, and really felt it in the head of my right bicep. It felt a little tear-y, but don’t worry, I was very attentive to make sure no actual tear would happen. I Thought it would be more sore today, but it thankfully isn’t.

Chicken with cinnamon baked apples. When in doubt, always bake apples.

I really want to do cardio, but today is legs, so… Just no. In fact I couldn’t do my single leg squats because my left glute was cramping! That’s ok. I felt like I did good.

Positive note: I get to see an advanced screening of Blue Like Jazz the movie! I was one of the thousand of direct backers for the movie, and I am so excited to see it!! The book looks like this an is muy fabuloso:

The author Don Miller and director Steve Taylor will be there! It’a been such a great journey! Side note, Don also write a book about writing the screenplay for Blue Like Jazz

And I think I love it even more. I have to re-read it every now and then. It is about how he learned about living out an epic and fulfilling story in life. It is an incredible book.

I think I shall make a future post about books that are amazing, and ones tgat are important to me. Yes. Yes, it shall be so.

But not now. This old lady’s bones are creaking, an’ she gotta hit the hay. (That’s my excuse for being lazy.)


Ain’t No Rest For the Wicked

23 Feb

Goooooood morning!!!

I skipped cardio yeasterday (Jamie, forgive me, for I have sinned) because I was feeling grumpy from lack of sleep. Because I only did one or two workouts last week, my body is under a lot of stress from going so hard these past few days, and I have not been getting my full 8 hours per night. Kelsey becomes a giant grumpus when she doesn’t get enough sleep. So! skipped cardio, ate a little su’m su’m, and asleep by 8! OH YES! Up at 4 feelin’ good. Of course, I had a snack before I have my big breakfast.

Today is shoulders!! WOO! I get kind of excited for them. They are my faves. I also get to do my favorite workout: reverse flyes. LOVE me some reverse flyes ^___^ If someone asked me what my best physical feature is, I would say my clavicle. That whole collar bone, shoulders, and upper back area. I love off the shoulder clothes! However, by shoulders are not very developed, and I think once they are I will look more balanced, and it will offset the largeness of my arms. Gotta go heavy (without injury!) so I will probably be making some grotesque faces in the gym today.

After reverse flyes, I think my other favorite move is the deadlift. Those are pretty hot. What’s yours?

This morning I wanted to listen to this, so here it is if you would like to as well 🙂

Today is awkward, schedule-wise. I have a small group meeting at 6, and I’m supposed to have a coworker reunion gathering around 9 or 10. I still don’t know where I’m going to squeeze in the workout, and a shower ect. Wish me luck!

Gun show!

20 Feb

Today went well, though because my eating had been off, the amount of food I have to consume is past my fullness. Slight discomfort, but I’ll be over it tomorrow!

It is quite apparent to me that a muscle group I need to give special attention to are my triceps. Those buggers need to step up! Or rather, I need to stop being a wussy and stop ignoring the fact that I need to devote more time to them. Of course I love working the strong parts of my body! This was evidenced by my savory bicep experience today. Jamie had me lifting heavy, adding one more set than previously, then finishing with low weight and reps of 21! Pump it up!


As you can see I have a way to go to show off my work. I have lots of muscle, it’s just hidden… for now. I can’t wait to start doing HIITs again.  The last time I trained with HIITs (the Insanity workout from beachbody.com) I was dropping a pretty significant amount of weight. Unfortunately, training like that was not sustainable for me, but I love integrating HIIT with lifting. However, I don’t belive that comes in until Phase 3… which is only 2 weeks away! What?!

My eating was good today, though I think I indulged post workout. Ok, I know I did. I’m pretty sure I stayed around my optimum range, though definitely on the high end. I wasn’t working big muscle groups, though, so I really didn’t need all that fuel for recovery. It is dangerous having peanut butter in my house. Just saying.

Hope peeps had a good Presidents Day! This day is naught to me, and I always have to work. I am only reminded when I go out and there are fewer people on the platform as I wait longer for a train because it is running on a weekend schedule.

Tomorrow is Fat Tuesday! Beads!