Make friends with the problems in your life.

5 Mar

Isn’t that a great way to go through life? Just keeping that in mind frees me of a lot of anxiety. I have a lot going on in my life right now, and I have been feeling like a chicken with her head cut off, but this is not a harmful problem if I don’t let it be. The things keeping me busy (rehearsals and performances for 3 projects, working out, preparing food, ect) are all really good things, which just means I have a lot of goodness in my life right now! 🙂 Why should I complain about that? This is a friendly problem, and I welcome it.

So I have been craving quinoa for a while, so I made a whole bunch!

Mm, garlic chicken with quinoa and flax seeds and green beans!


Part of a breakfast I tried, and LOVED! 1/2C Fage 0%, 3/4C Kashi Go Lean, 1Tbs Chia seeds. Welcome to Mount OM-NOM-NOM


Other half of a breakfast was tons of egg whites and hazelnut coffee flavored milk. I was trying to fool myself into thinking I had coffee, but it takes a lot of coffee flavor!


More chicken and quinoa, this time covered in almond meal, and with carmelized red onions!


This is how I always want my oatmeal- with cinnamon, unsweetened apple sause and a banana. The apple sauce made a world of difference! Just the perfect amount of sweetness ^^

I had to be good motivators during my workout the other day. Some good dubstep on Pandora (don’t judge), Stewie on Family Guy as Maria Von Trapp singing “I Have Confidence” (hilarity), and a song I think is called “Lazy Boy TV”? It was actually a stand up routine set to music about obesity, laziness, and general lack of health in our society. That definately kept me on the treadmill.

I was so happy to be doing intervals again! Unfortunately, I couldn’t do cardio yesterday because my hip flexors are definitely making themselves known. Hi. Yes, I know your are there and are very very tight! Ack!

I am excited because today I get to go to a screening of Blue Like Jazz the movie. I love  the book, but I have no idea how they put it on film. I can’t wait to find out!


You are you today

2 Mar

Yesterday, these were given to us (to share) at work.

Yes, I had one. But I kept myself from having another! 🙂 They were pretty great. (And expensive! This little box was $25!)

I came home and made nut butter protein cookies!

Note to self: flatten them more! That is some of that chocolate soy butter I discovered. (A rather generous heap on that cookie! Conan O’Brian-style.)

My snacks and lunch were not that satisfying. They were thrown together last minute. Not to mention I am craving chocolate like a mad person!! (Hormonal) So I had several cookies for dinner, then went downtown for a rehearsal of one of the 3 shows I am in. I wanted to take pictures for you, but I was always on stage! I got home and totally crashed.

This morning, start your day with a cuppa!!


MM, loves a good Earl Grey. And cottage cheese with a crumbled protein cookie. Also, I realized I have another rehearsal an hour later than I though. Sweet.

Seeing so many posts and promotions for Arnold Week in the interwebs makes me really wish I was there. I would love to be around people who love lifting as much (and more) than I do, going to all the booths, learning about products, meeting inspirational people… but then I realized that in a split second I told myself I wouldn’t have fun because all these people would be so fit and beautiful, and I would stick out for being over 20% body fat. How terrible is that?? That little voice said “you would always be comparing yourself, be be left feeling terrible.” Shoo to that! All bodies are different, and that convention is to celebrate our common interest, and encourage one another.


I think this is a VERY good outlook to have. Your point of reference is YOU. Each day is another opportunity to make yourself better.

Ok. rehearsal all day, and I WILL convince myself to go to the gym for my huffin’ and puffin’ leg workout!!

Little victories

29 Feb

That awesome moment when you realize you have Fruit Stripe gum in your purse ^_______^


my childhood

Triumph! I did not have free pizza at work! After I ate, I went back to the kitchen hoping it would not be there to tempt me again, and I breathed a sigh of relief when it wasn’t. I enjoyed some turkey burgers I whipped up this morning with diced sun-dried tomatoes and paprika 🙂

This evening, I performed with Blue Hill Troupe at the Harvard Club


2 wonderful gentlemen, and lovely friends. (Red face! I was so hot!)

I’m proud of myself for making myself go to the gym. It is late for me, so I couldn’t do my full workout, but I am really happy I lifted.

Yay, it rained all day! I love it.

Look you in the eye and tell it like it is.

28 Feb

I had to do some serious verbal affirmation today 🙂 I had a one on one in the mirror in my workplace, and shaped up quick. Hey, I mean business. Can’t look down, gotta look forward.

Worked my arms yesterday, and felt good. I tweaked the angle of my incline DB curls, and really felt it in the head of my right bicep. It felt a little tear-y, but don’t worry, I was very attentive to make sure no actual tear would happen. I Thought it would be more sore today, but it thankfully isn’t.

Chicken with cinnamon baked apples. When in doubt, always bake apples.

I really want to do cardio, but today is legs, so… Just no. In fact I couldn’t do my single leg squats because my left glute was cramping! That’s ok. I felt like I did good.

Positive note: I get to see an advanced screening of Blue Like Jazz the movie! I was one of the thousand of direct backers for the movie, and I am so excited to see it!! The book looks like this an is muy fabuloso:

The author Don Miller and director Steve Taylor will be there! It’a been such a great journey! Side note, Don also write a book about writing the screenplay for Blue Like Jazz

And I think I love it even more. I have to re-read it every now and then. It is about how he learned about living out an epic and fulfilling story in life. It is an incredible book.

I think I shall make a future post about books that are amazing, and ones tgat are important to me. Yes. Yes, it shall be so.

But not now. This old lady’s bones are creaking, an’ she gotta hit the hay. (That’s my excuse for being lazy.)

I’m better than that.

27 Feb

He has it

Title quote courtesy of Survivor by Destiny’s Child ^^

I have to admit that today was not one of my best. Not really in terms of working out, but as a person. I was moody for no reason and completely aware of it. How have I come to the habit of choosing not to be joyful in my workplace? I’m free! What am I afraid of? Who’s expectation of misery and discontentment am I looking to fill? Because it sure isn’t God’s.

I was feeling morose for no reason. I have the power to choose not to be 🙂 Especially when I have so much to be happy and light-hearted about!

I will say, though, that I am a little disappointed in the progress I’ve made with the LiveFit Trainer. I don’t think there is anything at all wrong with the program, but I am just not seeing much change :/ I am getting stronger and lifting heavier, but it doesn’t look like I’m getting rid of fat. I have skipped the last 2 cardio sets, but I feel like I have been pretty good with my diet. I am trying not to be discouraged, and find inspiration and motivation to stick with it.

I want you to say hellow to my little frenemy

THIS. STUFF. I got it yesterday afternoon, and it is half gone! Ack!

Iiiiiiiiiiiii am going to see if I can double up my work out tomorrow: early morning and night. We’ll see if I can get to sleep in time!

Gym observations – Qwykie post

24 Feb

From my Saturday late night workout:

  • You know, I might look like a weakling to others because I am struggling with a lighter weight, but I see dudes curling with their whole upper body and I just want to hold their elbows in place. See how macho you are now. (Side note, I see this a lot, but on this occasion my focus was one one guy who DID EVERYTHING TERRIBLY. Every exercise I saw him do was terrible form and/or short of full range of motion. It may sound mean, but I could not help openly laughing at him. I’m pretty sure he didn’t know it was directed at him, but this disbelief/amusement happens from time to time.)
  • Apparently, most people in my gym cannot be bothered to bend down to drink from the lower water fountain, and would rather wait in line. Look, if I’m thirsty, I really don’t care what height I drink from. Call me crazy. Or dehydrated.
  • Have you ever listened to the whole Power Rangers theme song? It’s pretty badass. Great for any intense exercise… or situation ^.~
  • …which helped in executing all the squats I did. I read some great step by step instruction on from from Munchies, Muscles, and Mischief, and it helped tremendously!!

Random helpful thing! Crazy number of things you can do with coconut oil! Seriously, there’s a lot. I couldn’t even read them all.

Ain’t No Rest For the Wicked

23 Feb

Goooooood morning!!!

I skipped cardio yeasterday (Jamie, forgive me, for I have sinned) because I was feeling grumpy from lack of sleep. Because I only did one or two workouts last week, my body is under a lot of stress from going so hard these past few days, and I have not been getting my full 8 hours per night. Kelsey becomes a giant grumpus when she doesn’t get enough sleep. So! skipped cardio, ate a little su’m su’m, and asleep by 8! OH YES! Up at 4 feelin’ good. Of course, I had a snack before I have my big breakfast.

Today is shoulders!! WOO! I get kind of excited for them. They are my faves. I also get to do my favorite workout: reverse flyes. LOVE me some reverse flyes ^___^ If someone asked me what my best physical feature is, I would say my clavicle. That whole collar bone, shoulders, and upper back area. I love off the shoulder clothes! However, by shoulders are not very developed, and I think once they are I will look more balanced, and it will offset the largeness of my arms. Gotta go heavy (without injury!) so I will probably be making some grotesque faces in the gym today.

After reverse flyes, I think my other favorite move is the deadlift. Those are pretty hot. What’s yours?

This morning I wanted to listen to this, so here it is if you would like to as well 🙂

Today is awkward, schedule-wise. I have a small group meeting at 6, and I’m supposed to have a coworker reunion gathering around 9 or 10. I still don’t know where I’m going to squeeze in the workout, and a shower ect. Wish me luck!

It Hertz so good

21 Feb

– Happy Birthday Heinrich Rudolf Hertz!! You made my high school physics and microelectronics classes so much fun!! (Btw, I’m totally being serious. We got to do some kick ass stuff) –

Today is Day 45! Chest, Abs and Cardio. (My obliques are still sore from Monday’s ab workout… Love it!! :D)

My anterior delts (the front of my shoulders) are killing me from lifting all those barbells up and over my head a million times. Sheesh! I was fine getting ready this morning, but after the walk to the train and then from the train to work, my whole body was shaking! It took a good amount of focus to change into my uniform, and steady my hands for my shirt buttons.

Lunch= lightly fried tilapia covered in crushed almonds. image

My cooking is still very simple. Lightly coat in oat flour (though after the fact I realized I have almond flour. Doh!), coat in butter (but I forgot the garlic! How could I forget the garlic??), cover in crushed almonds, lightly pan fry in coconut oil. I have to say it came out quite well! Tastes butteraaaay. What else you see is brown rice. Not pictured: steamed beets and dark chocolate. Not combined. Separate. Like a normal person would have them.

I felt like I wanted to share today’s scripture 🙂 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 “Always be joyful. Keep praying. No matter what happens, always be thankful, for that is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.” In my devotions the author says something to the effect of saturating your day with His name. Some names I like to keep in mind are El Shaddai, Elohim, and El Roi. It is important to know your God (“The people who know their God will be strong” Daniel 11:32b)

Also, look at these bunnies. Look at them. image

Victory over the pizza

21 Feb

Morning came too soon… Down that 5 hour energy! Get on it!

I am very proud of myself for seeing that pizza this morning and having none of it. It called to me several times, and where I would usually have a few sliced AS WELL AS a full breakfast, I just thought about how yummy and filling, and full of good fuel my breakfast was going to be.

It was a leg day today! Just note: as of now, single leg squats are definitely not my favorite thing. Loooots of barbell work, which is strenuous on my neck and arms, but I got it done! My glutes are feeling… fail-y.

Post workout, I celebrated Fat Tuesday with a pancake thing of awesome

Taken from Alexandra, it was pretty darn good! I added a little almond extract, and almond butter on top. Oh baby.

I havent been getting enough sleep, so I need go do that, but first put away my laundry. I definitely poured it all over my bed so I would be forced to put it away before I could crawl inside. I hate me sometimes.

Gun show!

20 Feb

Today went well, though because my eating had been off, the amount of food I have to consume is past my fullness. Slight discomfort, but I’ll be over it tomorrow!

It is quite apparent to me that a muscle group I need to give special attention to are my triceps. Those buggers need to step up! Or rather, I need to stop being a wussy and stop ignoring the fact that I need to devote more time to them. Of course I love working the strong parts of my body! This was evidenced by my savory bicep experience today. Jamie had me lifting heavy, adding one more set than previously, then finishing with low weight and reps of 21! Pump it up!


As you can see I have a way to go to show off my work. I have lots of muscle, it’s just hidden… for now. I can’t wait to start doing HIITs again.  The last time I trained with HIITs (the Insanity workout from I was dropping a pretty significant amount of weight. Unfortunately, training like that was not sustainable for me, but I love integrating HIIT with lifting. However, I don’t belive that comes in until Phase 3… which is only 2 weeks away! What?!

My eating was good today, though I think I indulged post workout. Ok, I know I did. I’m pretty sure I stayed around my optimum range, though definitely on the high end. I wasn’t working big muscle groups, though, so I really didn’t need all that fuel for recovery. It is dangerous having peanut butter in my house. Just saying.

Hope peeps had a good Presidents Day! This day is naught to me, and I always have to work. I am only reminded when I go out and there are fewer people on the platform as I wait longer for a train because it is running on a weekend schedule.

Tomorrow is Fat Tuesday! Beads!