What about me?

Bio time!

About me:

I am a girl living in New York persuing her dream of making a career in performing. I have had a long unhealthy relationship with food, so I’m trying to break bad habits and make better ones. The things that keep my life happy and shiny: God, singing, working out. I have to be active to feel alive! 😀

Keep it moving:

My love of weight lifting came in senior year of high school when I took a weight lifting class as an elective. I had never seen my body change like that! I was loosing weight and was paying attention to my diet for the first time. I loved the way I looked, and was a new kind of confidence for me. That is a place where I would like to be again. And I have the feeling that my strength on the outside will reflect my strength on the inside.

New Start:

2012 marks big changes for me, not only physically, but in every area of my life, i.e. career, spirituality, relationships, and education. I have decided that this is my time to finally make choices and follow through, to live the kind of life I am proud of. I hope you’re as excited for this year as I am!


I have to write down everything. So I am good at lists. Interests? I got ’em!

Books, musical theatre, acting, on screen acting, cats, corgies, pretty much anything fluffy, knives (bad to put that next to fluffy?), guns, boxing, kick boxing, muay thai, rain (as a true Oregonian would), recycling (see former) tea! writing letters, cursive (schools don’t teach this anymore what-the-actualfffff??), knitting, violin (played it), bass guitar (want to play it), vintage fashion, vintage suitcases, chocolate covered cherries (our society seems to be divided, much like with fruitcake, which for the record I think is ok), dancing! salsa dancing, EATING WITH MY HANDS (seriously, it makes everything taste better)


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