Make friends with the problems in your life.

5 Mar

Isn’t that a great way to go through life? Just keeping that in mind frees me of a lot of anxiety. I have a lot going on in my life right now, and I have been feeling like a chicken with her head cut off, but this is not a harmful problem if I don’t let it be. The things keeping me busy (rehearsals and performances for 3 projects, working out, preparing food, ect) are all really good things, which just means I have a lot of goodness in my life right now! 🙂 Why should I complain about that? This is a friendly problem, and I welcome it.

So I have been craving quinoa for a while, so I made a whole bunch!

Mm, garlic chicken with quinoa and flax seeds and green beans!


Part of a breakfast I tried, and LOVED! 1/2C Fage 0%, 3/4C Kashi Go Lean, 1Tbs Chia seeds. Welcome to Mount OM-NOM-NOM


Other half of a breakfast was tons of egg whites and hazelnut coffee flavored milk. I was trying to fool myself into thinking I had coffee, but it takes a lot of coffee flavor!


More chicken and quinoa, this time covered in almond meal, and with carmelized red onions!


This is how I always want my oatmeal- with cinnamon, unsweetened apple sause and a banana. The apple sauce made a world of difference! Just the perfect amount of sweetness ^^

I had to be good motivators during my workout the other day. Some good dubstep on Pandora (don’t judge), Stewie on Family Guy as Maria Von Trapp singing “I Have Confidence” (hilarity), and a song I think is called “Lazy Boy TV”? It was actually a stand up routine set to music about obesity, laziness, and general lack of health in our society. That definately kept me on the treadmill.

I was so happy to be doing intervals again! Unfortunately, I couldn’t do cardio yesterday because my hip flexors are definitely making themselves known. Hi. Yes, I know your are there and are very very tight! Ack!

I am excited because today I get to go to a screening of Blue Like Jazz the movie. I love  the book, but I have no idea how they put it on film. I can’t wait to find out!


3 Responses to “Make friends with the problems in your life.”

  1. Alexandra March 8, 2012 at 10:59 am #

    Ummmm YUM!!!!!! DUDE your eats are making me drool. I’m coming over for leftovers! 😀

    • Kelsey March 8, 2012 at 11:05 am #

      Guuurl, you come over and I will fill your face with sunshine.

      What? Haha XD

      I always love your pics and descriptions of your exotic eats ^^

      • Alexandra March 8, 2012 at 11:23 am #

        HAHA!! Hey I’m cool with a face full of sunshine, just as long as my tummy is filled with noms too heehee! 😀

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