Look you in the eye and tell it like it is.

28 Feb

I had to do some serious verbal affirmation today 🙂 I had a one on one in the mirror in my workplace, and shaped up quick. Hey, I mean business. Can’t look down, gotta look forward.

Worked my arms yesterday, and felt good. I tweaked the angle of my incline DB curls, and really felt it in the head of my right bicep. It felt a little tear-y, but don’t worry, I was very attentive to make sure no actual tear would happen. I Thought it would be more sore today, but it thankfully isn’t.

Chicken with cinnamon baked apples. When in doubt, always bake apples.

I really want to do cardio, but today is legs, so… Just no. In fact I couldn’t do my single leg squats because my left glute was cramping! That’s ok. I felt like I did good.

Positive note: I get to see an advanced screening of Blue Like Jazz the movie! I was one of the thousand of direct backers for the movie, and I am so excited to see it!! The book looks like this an is muy fabuloso:

The author Don Miller and director Steve Taylor will be there! It’a been such a great journey! Side note, Don also write a book about writing the screenplay for Blue Like Jazz

And I think I love it even more. I have to re-read it every now and then. It is about how he learned about living out an epic and fulfilling story in life. It is an incredible book.

I think I shall make a future post about books that are amazing, and ones tgat are important to me. Yes. Yes, it shall be so.

But not now. This old lady’s bones are creaking, an’ she gotta hit the hay. (That’s my excuse for being lazy.)


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