Gym observations – Qwykie post

24 Feb

From my Saturday late night workout:

  • You know, I might look like a weakling to others because I am struggling with a lighter weight, but I see dudes curling with their whole upper body and I just want to hold their elbows in place. See how macho you are now. (Side note, I see this a lot, but on this occasion my focus was one one guy who DID EVERYTHING TERRIBLY. Every exercise I saw him do was terrible form and/or short of full range of motion. It may sound mean, but I could not help openly laughing at him. I’m pretty sure he didn’t know it was directed at him, but this disbelief/amusement happens from time to time.)
  • Apparently, most people in my gym cannot be bothered to bend down to drink from the lower water fountain, and would rather wait in line. Look, if I’m thirsty, I really don’t care what height I drink from. Call me crazy. Or dehydrated.
  • Have you ever listened to the whole Power Rangers theme song? It’s pretty badass. Great for any intense exercise… or situation ^.~
  • …which helped in executing all the squats I did. I read some great step by step instruction on from from Munchies, Muscles, and Mischief, and it helped tremendously!!

Random helpful thing! Crazy number of things you can do with coconut oil! Seriously, there’s a lot. I couldn’t even read them all.


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