Gun show!

20 Feb

Today went well, though because my eating had been off, the amount of food I have to consume is past my fullness. Slight discomfort, but I’ll be over it tomorrow!

It is quite apparent to me that a muscle group I need to give special attention to are my triceps. Those buggers need to step up! Or rather, I need to stop being a wussy and stop ignoring the fact that I need to devote more time to them. Of course I love working the strong parts of my body! This was evidenced by my savory bicep experience today. Jamie had me lifting heavy, adding one more set than previously, then finishing with low weight and reps of 21! Pump it up!


As you can see I have a way to go to show off my work. I have lots of muscle, it’s just hidden… for now. I can’t wait to start doing HIITs again.  The last time I trained with HIITs (the Insanity workout from I was dropping a pretty significant amount of weight. Unfortunately, training like that was not sustainable for me, but I love integrating HIIT with lifting. However, I don’t belive that comes in until Phase 3… which is only 2 weeks away! What?!

My eating was good today, though I think I indulged post workout. Ok, I know I did. I’m pretty sure I stayed around my optimum range, though definitely on the high end. I wasn’t working big muscle groups, though, so I really didn’t need all that fuel for recovery. It is dangerous having peanut butter in my house. Just saying.

Hope peeps had a good Presidents Day! This day is naught to me, and I always have to work. I am only reminded when I go out and there are fewer people on the platform as I wait longer for a train because it is running on a weekend schedule.

Tomorrow is Fat Tuesday! Beads!


3 Responses to “Gun show!”

  1. Anna, Fitscally Responsible February 21, 2012 at 8:43 am #

    Peanut Butter IS dangerous! I agree! (as you saw by the roll of Dos-di-dos I ate yesterday).

    Ok, not to sound really dumb but what are HIIT’s? I see them referenced on quite a few blogs but aren’t sure what they are. Is it circuit training?

    • Kelsey February 21, 2012 at 10:15 am #

      HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. So, it’s intervals, but kicked up to over 80 and 90% of your MAX heart rate. Typically, you will see it where your high intervals are half or equal to the lower intesity or rest time, but what makes Insanity insane is that it does that backwards. They have you going at 80-90% for 3 minutes, and rest for 30-60 seconds! Sooooo hard. However, I love HIIT for my cardio, because like weights, you go hard for a short amount of time. And revvs your metabolism like no other!!

      You can do these on a treadmill, step machine, stationary bike, or very dynamic moves like burpees. Just get that heart rate really high!

      • Anna, Fitscally Responsible February 21, 2012 at 8:54 pm #

        ok, I got it! Sounds like what I’m looking for. I need to focus on shorter, more intense workouts. Because I’ve been running a lot of long distances the past few years and getting a little burned out on the time commitment.

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