New start!

19 Feb

My diet has been really poor the last 2 weeks, along with my gym attendance, so this is my re-commitment post. This is where we all stand up and with a single fist pump of solidarity recite a motivational quote. “Living our best day today!”*

Last night, I tried to make Banana Protein Bars based on Jamie Eason’s recipes. I used my banana flavored power and banana baby food. I wish I would have added some banana extract (which I have!!) And not baked it so long. I was hoping it would be dense and moist. But , having said those misgivings, they are still pretty tasty, light and fluffy ^^

Typically I don’t eat that late, but I had consciously eaten very little, so I had a couple squares so my body would have nice protein to nom in my sleep. I am still quite dehydrated, though. CHUG! CHUG! CHUG!

… which is hard to do when you have so much food to fill your stomach! Check it:

Giant 6 egg white pancake! With mushrooms and spinach. I’m also having a bowl of Irish oatmeal with cinnamon. Unfortunately, no cuppa today. I was running a little late!

No gym today. I was running around buying lots of food, and preparing some. I counted carrying the groceries home my lifting for today. Seriously. Feel the burn. This lifestyle, where food is concerned, would be somewhat easier I feel if I was not limited to one shelf of the pantry and one shelf of the refrigerator that are both shared with 5 other people. I am sure I am not the only one of the 6 that have this grievance, but such is life, and as I believe I mentioned before, we are all doing what we have to do. I am fortunate in that I have a grocery right across the street, so it is only a minor inconvenience to make so many trips.

Tomorrow I jump back on LiveFit at week 7, day 43, Arms, Abs, and Cardio!

*Quote referenced from this guy:

Very good book. highly recommended. By me, and lots of professional people. It takes a day to read ^^


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